Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weapons-Grade Burning Stoopid

Originally,  I was going to comment on all the various elected officials who were having a case of the vapors over the prospect of a 3-D printed gun.  And I'll get to that later in today's entry.   But first, a Public Service Message:

Try to download the "Liberator" files from DEFCAD.ORG, and you'll see:

Well, the herd of assclowns at the State Department decided that having the files available on the Net apparently constitutes an "export" of weapons, which requires a license. They used to do the same thing with strong encryption software. Ask Phil Zimmerman about what the USGov did to him over his coding up the software known as "Pretty Good Privacy", aka PGP. (Open Source Version:  GNU Privacy Guard) The Department of State can't protect our embassies overseas, and now, they won't let us defend ourselves.

Silly State Department. Yes, they forced DEFCAD to take down the files. But no worries, as usual, they forgot the First Rule of the Net: NOTHING disappears. And so, it's time for a wee bit of misbehaving.

Want the files ??? No worries: I know where you can get ALL the DEFCAD files. . .

The Liberator:

 The latest whole DEFCAD pack (v4.3): everything BUT the Liberator:

(Originally the file was hosted off-site in New Zealand, good on ya, Kiwis!!!  Oh, and,nz ?  That's Kim Dotcom.  I guess paybacks are a b*tch. . . And they got THAT one too. .  . )

Did I mention the Government would rather you not have ANY of this ???

Aim to misbehave: it's your duty as a free man or woman. . . .

And now, back to our regularly scheduled cataloging of teh Burning Stoopid. . .

It's nice to see that teh Burning Stoopid can be found all over America.  ESPECIALLY in Politics.

For example, DC City Councilman Tommy Wells wants to ban plastic guns made with 3-D printers in the District of Corruption, I mean Columbia. . .

Senator Chuckles Schumer of New York wants them banned, period.

And what does High-Tech California say ??  BAN 3-D PRINTERS!!!!!!
(Note: California is ALREADY hemorrhaging businesses and productive people.  Will the last person to leave Silicon Valley turn out the lights ?? )

And back to Senator Chuckles, who said: 

'We’re facing a situation where anyone -- a felon, a terrorist -- can open a gun factory in their garage and the weapons they make will be undetectable. It’s stomach-churning,'

Well, Chuckie-baby. . . I have news for you.  That train has LONG since left town.  And, in fact, it's perfectly legal (Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44)  you build your own gun, from parts, or even from scratch, as long as it's only for personal use and not made for sale. (Caveat: I am NOT a Lawyer).

Ever hear of a Zip Gun ?  Personally-manufactured firearm.  And as for that EEEEEBIL Garage. . . . you might want to peruse this. . .  But the short version is, a guy took THIS shovel. . .

and turned it into THIS AK-format rifle. . . .

Others have built STEAMPUNK AK's. . .
Again, built using simple garage tools.

But the MASTERS are the Khyber Pass Copiers.   They build firearms from raw metal, pretty much by hand.  Make their own ammo too.  

Heck, 150 years ago, rifles were made in large blacksmith shops.  

And I'm not even going to go into the industrial impact of 3-D printers, both at work and at home.

All of these politicians, and their screaming minions, come equipped with a high-capacity of weapons-grade Burning Stoopid. . . 

But wait!  There's more.   It's not JUST politicians. . .  it seems some busybody in New York City objected to a man playing with his children and a toy Airsoft gun.
And they had him arrested for it.  Apparently a local resident objected, and called the police. 

I'm SO glad the NYPD has cleaned up all the OTHER crime in the Big Apple, since they had time to find the man's house, ask about the toy, and then take him to jail in cuffs in front of his wife and three children.  What, there is REAL crime in New York ???

Just another one of the Eight Million stories of teh Burning Stoopid in the Naked City. . . .

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