Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Terrorism ? YA THINK ??????? Nuclear-level Burning Stoopid in the UK. . . .

Originally, I was planning on skewering the vegetables-that-walk-like men who blamed this week's Oklahoma Tornadoes on Globull Wormening or the Republicans or both. . . .

And then I heard the news on the way home.  How a British soldier was run over, hacked to death, and beheaded by two men with knives, machetes, and a meat cleaver.

First things first: prayers and condolences to the family, friends, and comrades-in-arms of the soldier, assigned to the King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery at Wollwich Barracks.  The soldier was wearing a T-shirt for "Help for Heroes", a British charity that helps British soldiers, wounded in the line of duty.  It's a worthy cause, and worth a donation.   I just did. . . .

Now. . . .  on with the rant. . .

This rampant political correctness is positively SUICIDE for Western Civilization.   Friends, the barbarians are ALREADY inside the gates, and we refuse to even alert the guards, much less take up arms and defend all that we stand for: Liberty, Rationality, and the Rule of Law.

British Prime Minister David Cameron was quoted as saying that the attack "appeared to be terror-related".   Gee, YA THINK ???  Even MORE wishy-washy were two anonymous Government officials, who spoke off the record and said that the attack "seemed to have been ideologically motivated by radical Islam".    REALLY ?   Two guys who RUN OVER A SOLDIER IN THE STREET, then hack him to death with a machete, some long knives, and a meat-cleaver, and then BEHEAD him ??  All while shouting "Allahu Ahkbar", and "in our land, women have to see this every day". . .   I suppose they might have been incensed by Fox cancelling "Firefly", but I doubt it.  Pardon my language, but WHAT THE FUCK ??  I mean, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK do they think this was ???  And beheading ??  Not too many people behead people anymore, and they ALL seem to be terrorists of one sort or another.  In fact, the last time I remember a beheading in the news, it was Al-Qaeda beheading Wall Street Journal Bureau Chief Daniel Pearl.

I take this personally: I lost 13 friends and colleagues in the Pentagon on 9/11: I **HEARD** American 77 fly by my office building, and felt the floor shake when it rammed the Pentagon 2 miles away. 

That's the day I recognized we were at war.  Since then, I've learned that, to the best of my knowledge, The Long War (download link) began in March 1968.  So, we're 55 years into it. . . .and we're LOSING.  We're so afraid of OFFENDING someone, that we've effectively surrendered.  There IS, at least, a little good news tonight: it appears that the English Defence League is on the move and patrolling Woolwich tonight.  Good on ya, lads, next time I'm in London, I need to buy some of you a pint.  Shockingly, they've been met by police in riot gear.  THEY aren't the problem. . . .

Now, I'm in favor of law enforcement, but where was the Metropolitan Police, when it took **20** minutes to respond to the "incident", because they needed to call in an armed unit.  Once again, proving what many people here in the States say, that when seconds count, the police are minutes away.  And the Bobbies are stopping the wrong people.  After all, it's not the EDL people who callously attacked and mutilated a soldier. . .

This also highlights the need for free citizens to be allowed to carry the means of self-defense.   We already know why incidents like this take place in disarmed areas, like London, and Boston, and elementary-school "Gun-free" zones: it's EASY to do terror and kill when you know you're not going to be counter-attacked.   Try it in, say, Texas, and you'll be suffering a 45-caliber cerebral hemorrhage by the time you started swinging the first knife: before, even, if they cried out "Allahu Ahkbar!" first. . . 

Friends, people have been warning us about this for years.  Jihadwatch comes to mind.  As does the semi-fictional essay by author Dan Simmons, "The Time Traveler". . .there are many who've sounded the alarm. .  .

But at this point, I fear what it's going to take to wake us all up.  I suspect we're going to lose a city or three, and then all hell will break loose when we finally decide that first, we've had enough, and second, that it's time for Islam to pay the piper.

This, is the Buckman Scenario.  For those who have never read Tom Kratman's "Caliphate", this is the back-story that shows up as vignettes throughout the novel.  It starts in the near-future, and yes, we lose several cities, and nearly lose several more.  Only then, after politicians STILL don't respond. . . the people do, and a new government is elected.  It's not a pretty tale, but you ought to read it anyway (and the book is free at the link. . . ).   The way things are going, I'm pretty sure that this is the likely general path for all our futures.  And it's not going to be a pleasant one. . . .

The saddest part of all of this, is that I **KNOW** quite a few Muslims.  They're good people.  But, for some reason unknown, all too many radicalize.  I've heard it attributed to the aggressive missionary work of the Wahabbi Movement, funded by Saudi Petrodollars (and THAT, reportedly, is due to their support of the House of Saud. . . ).  I've read other opinions that it's due to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.  All I do know, is that Islam does not seem to have gone through the equivalent of the Reformation that split Western Protestantism from Roman Catholicism in Christianity, and that there are no real centralized authorities in Islam.

I really hope that the "moderate Muslims" we keep hearing about in the news finally succeed in policing the more radical and violent.  Because, if this keeps on, and keeps escalating. . . well, I rather suspect that all too many Muslims will finally see the light, at the end. . .


  1. I fear that it really is going to take the United States or the West losing a few cities to nuclear explosions for them to finally deal with the problem of Radical Islam.

    Those moderate Muslims better get their radical element under control before then because if they don't, Islam will just become a footnote in history.

    1. A few? one city is already enough for MAD to go into effect. Also, there is no choice, MAD doctrine is still alive and well today.

    2. The only problem with that is that even with all the nuclear warheads in the world today you wouldn't do much in the way of destruction. Oh you could pop off several hundred cities but you won't get the global killing event that a release in the 1960s or 70s would have sparked. The US and Russia each only have 1500 warheads and the Obama administration has been unilaterally disarming us even more. He is trying to drop up into the 300s and then below that but Congress has said no. China has a few hundred, and Pakistan and India only have a hundred or so a piece. The Norks have as many as 6 functional devices and there are as many as 50 to 60 missing Russian devices. The Israelis are the joker in the deck, estimates go from as little as 90 to as many as 4to5 hundred. Considering their plan Jericho I would suspect they have more then anyone knows and a willingness to use them should they be overrun. Remember they did retrofit some of their subs to carry nuclear tipped cruise missiles.

    3. It won't be just one city. For the first I can see the politicans demanding a 'full investigation' and a U.N. Resolution, and we must not give a 'disapportiate response'... "Why oh Why do they hate us so?"

      I can already smell the strongly-worded letters. Smells like... Appeasement.

      Might not be just two cities either.

  2. Christopher MacArthurMay 22, 2013 at 8:04 PM

    As the old radio talk show host Joe Pyne once said, "Nuke 'em back into the Stone Age."

    1. You can't nuke something back to the stone age that hasn't left it, culturally.

  3. I've been expecting to lose a city for over a year now.

    I'm just concerned that the city lost will be mine.

    1. Try living near DC. . . . downtown DC is pretty much, one of the top three likely targets.

      Which I why I live quite some distance from the District of Corruption. .

    2. Actually, my take on where, based the terrorist rants and past performance, is that they are headed for Wall Street. They perceive (not without good reason) that it is the heart of the 'great satan'

      DC would be a secondary or backup target.

  4. Yeah, the UK doesn't have the same gun culture we do. Remember, they're essentially descended from a feudal society which could basically forbid them to have firearms on a whim.
    So, there's no great push to own firearms like there is over here in the USA, even when a firearm would come in quite handy.

    1. I suppose having a school shooting every 3 months or so and other mass casualty events is an acceptable cost to owning firearms then? I deplore this act of senseless, barbaric violence, and I hope they find the suspects and throw away the fucking key. But I would rather lose one soldier at home a year to this, than every time I go to the cinema, or drop my child of at school, worry some mentally maladjusted armed lunatic is going to shoot them.

      And feudal society? Christ. I bet you think we all live in castles and have tea with the queen. . .

    2. Actually, gun crime, as they call it in the UK, has been dropping significantly for DECADES here in the US.,0,3022693.story

      What you are ACTUALLY seeing, is news reporters going hyper-speed on the "if it bleeds, it leads".

      Another Inconvenient Truth, is that MOST of the gunfire-inflicted deaths in the US are in areas where guns are ALREADY legally prohibited, or at least very strongly restricted.

      It would seem that the more people legally carry concealed, the lower the crime rate. Even criminals are smart enough to ask the question: is it worth the risk that the intended victim(s) are carrying, and they'll get a rather unexpected injection of high-speed copper and lead. . .

    3. Mr Shea you are a MORON. Gun crime in the United States has dropped up to 93% in many areas. The highest rates of gun crime occur in "Gun free zones" or cities that forbid gun ownership like Shitcago and DC.

      "But I would rather lose one soldier at home a year to this, than every time I go to the cinema, or drop my child of at school,"

      Really, EVERYTIME? Let me repeat you are a MORON. We've had scattered school shootings and ONE theater shooting all conducted by crazy people. You can't legislate what some nut who wants to kill someone else is going to do. If they really want to kill they will find some other way to kill perhaps with a car, truck, pressure cooker, knife... Keeping me from being able to protect myself and those I love does not make society safer.


  5. Barbarism begets barbarism and the backwards middle east, I know I have been there a few times, should take that under advisement when they are attacking societies that could destroy them if roused to do so. It wasn't that long ago that Europe was genociding undesirables and I suspect when push comes to shove they may do it again.

  6. You are guilty of what you just ranted about.
    There are NO GOOD MUSLIMS. They are NOT your friends. There is no radical pisslam, there is no moderate pisslam. There is just PISSLAM. THEY have said this many times, are YOU not listening?