Thursday, May 16, 2013

Teh Stoopid is BREEDING. . . . .

. . . .but not if one British Doctor has anything to say about it.

Meet Justin Landen, MD, of the Hill Barton Surgery, in Exeter, Devon, Great Britain.
 He reportedly cares DEEPLY about Mother Earth. And how do we know that ?  Because he gives unsolicited advice that "having more than two children is irresponsible", to his patients. Specifically, one that came in, not for an OB/GYN consult, but because she had possible tonsilitis. . . .  He also inferred that she was "on benefits" (i.e. welfare, to us Yanks).   So now it becomes clear: he's not against PEOPLE breeding, he's against the POOR breeding.   Now, while he may have a point (as any of us who have read Kornbluth's "The Marching Morons" would recognize. . . ), teh Stoopid here is BLURTING IT OUT TO THE PATIENT.   


Indeed, teh Stoopid is strong in the British Isles today. In fact, we have a Double Dose of teh Burning Stoopid today. 

Meet Eoin McKeogh, Irish College Student at Dublin City University . .

 Some time back, a video was made of someone running out on a cab fare.  That somebody was NOT Eoin, but apparently looked like him. . .which someone commented on, in a response to the original video.  And much harassment and laughter followed, all over the net.   So what did young Eoin do?  Try to clear his name ?  Ride it out ?  Turn it into internet stardom, like Mahir or Libby Hoeller ???

No, he was VERY American about it. . .   he SUED Google and YouTube, to take down the Video.  Not the actual comment, but the entire video.  And, today, he got a Judge to agree.  Because Eoin said it was possible, even if "inconvenient" for Google and YouTube. . . 

Because, of course, it's EASY to permanently remove something from the Net.   Not.

I have but one reaction. . . . 

Lastly, a follow-up from an earlier story, that of Science Fair Girl.   The charges have been dropped. That they were booked, is yet another instance of. . . . .

, , , ,teh Burning Stoopid. . . .

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