Friday, May 3, 2013

I. . . . AM . . . . .STOOPIDMAN !!!

(with apologies to the Rocket City Rednecks. . .)

Unfortunately, unlike Tony Stark, who has an Arc Reactor, the geniuses at the Pentagon decided to power Jets and Ships with a high-tech Biodiesel.  It's Clean and Green, and no doubt composed entirely of nearly-impossible-to-get Unicorn Farts and Pixie Dust.  And in these days of the Sequester and tightened budgets, we'd only buy it if it was worth it, right ??

WRONG!!!!  It seems the Pentagon, which can't afford maintenance on an aircraft carrier, and is forcing all DOD Civilians to forgo two weeks' worth of pay, has decided that it's just peachy to buy "Clean, Green" fuel at $59. per gallon.  Such a deal for the taxpayers.  Especially when standard jet fuel (JP-8) costs a mere $3.73/gallon. . .

Well, that's our Benevolent Imperial Government in action.  What the hey, a billion here, a billion there, you're barely talking real money these days. . .

Now, something good, for a change: we have updated news on both the Kobayashi Maru Eagle Scout, and Science Experiment Girl from yesterday's edition .

Cole Withrow was awarded a full-four year scholarship to his dream school.

And as for junior scientist Kiera Wilmot ?  The outpouring of support for her is massive.   And there's a petition for her as well.   Highly recommend you sign it, the Wizard did. . .  39,000 + signatures at latest count. . .

Circling back to teh Burning Stoopid, take a look at this article on the charges filed against Kiera.  The comments, especially.   Looks like a massive over-reach by the cops.  I rather suspect Kiera will also be getting a full scholarship anywhere she wants to go, after the lawsuit goes through. . . .

Now, for today's Runner-ups:

First Runner-up: An un-named Pediatric Cardiologist, Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, California, and Sacramento County Child Protective Services, for snatching a 5-month-old child from the parents who had the audacity to seek a second opinion on the condition of their child.  Using armed Police Officers.  Epic Fail.  Oh, and may the doctors AND the hospitals get sued for everything they have, and everything they will have. . . .

Second Runner-Up: An incredibly stoopid and anal inspector in New York City, who claimed that (1) Novelty cigarette lighters were actually toys, (2) the "toy guns" did not meet NYC standards for allowable toy guns, and thus fined the owner of the shop $60K for selling 12 of them, $5K/gun.  Except the shop hadn't sold any, returned them to the distributor, and had an invoice to prove it.

But at least someone told Nanny Bloomberg he could only have one slice of pizza. . .    (Yes, I know it's a parody site. . . but we could ALL see it happening. . .)

And that's it for today. . .   but I'm quite sure that, tomorrow, somewhere in the land, the cry will go out:   STOOOPID, ASSEMBLE !!!!!

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