Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's EU teh Stoo-pid Man!!!

No, we're not talking the classic cartoon today. . .
. . .but it DOES involve the man-handling of Olive Oyl. . . or, more correctly, Olive Oil.

The Bureaucrats of the European Union have decided on the course of action to protect the EU from any further economic shocks or downturns.  No, it doesn't involve austerity, or changing the rules of the European Central Bank.  It's FAR more important: it's protecting EU citizens from the scourge of artisan Olive Oil. . .

Many restaurants place a jug of olive oil, or a dipping bowl full of olive oil, on their tables.  But as of January 1, 2014, such traditional serving of condiments will be VERBOTEN in Buro-Fortress Europe.   This is, allegedly, to protect consumers from fake olive oil, and improve hygiene. . .

And of course the Officially Certified and Hygenic Olive Oil must be served in factory-sealed containers, with proper EU Standard labeling on it. So much for supporting local farmers or specialty varieties: alles MUST be in Ordnung in the EU-State. The EU is apparently out of OTHER problems, and now is focusing its' attention on "Food Fraud".

Now, what REALLY stinks about this is that it's just 100% Crony Capitalism.  (OK, since it's Europe, it's Crony Socialism, but you get the point. . . .)

As an aside, your Wizard lives out on the far edge of the suburbs, where there are as many farms and orchards as subdivisions.  And, at least for produce and such, we support local farmers by buying at the Farmer's Market, for things that CAN be grown around here (come the fall, we're hip-deep in apples around here. . . ).  And we occasionally fill the freezer with meat from a local farm that raises "heritage" breeds of pigs and cows.  The flavors and texture are different.  Not saying BETTER, but having a change every so often is a good thing.  Sure, we hit the local Food Lion or similar for stuff, burgers, etc, but a really good roast or steak is a fine thing every so often.

Well, this little EU proposal will lock out all the "heritage" and "artisanal" olive oils grown and pressed in Europe, in favor of generic, standardized big-brand olive oil.  But many restaurants have long-standing relationships with Olive grower/pressers, just as they do with local wineries.  And this will turn little family restaurants into, as this sort of thing occurs to more and more products, McSame restaurants with individual names and decor, but all selling the same basic food.  And that's not just bland, that's positively soul-numbing.  Which may, after all, be the point.  Doing things differently may lead to thinking for yourself, and perhaps even QUESTIONING AUTHORITY, and we just can't have that, now can we ???

And so. . . .  They're Dumb to the finish. . .  they regulate Spinach. . .

. . . . .they're EU the Stoopid Man !!!!


A follow-up to Teh Burning Stoopid Zone . . . . .

Remember Adam Kokesh and his "Armed Citizen March on DC" ??? 

We have news. . . .  evidence has emerged that Mr. Kokesh is ACTUALLY working for the Obama campaign organization.   This little tidbit was found on Facebook:

Originally, I was worried about the wisdom of this march, and its' vulnerability to an agent provocateur, but now, we face the real possibility that this is a false-flag operation.  STRONGLY suggest not going, or even being in the area of the Memorial Bridge in DC on July 4th. . . 

Full details, (with just a bit of tinfoil) at the Patriot News Organization.

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  1. Christopher MacArthurMay 19, 2013 at 8:57 PM

    Regulated and controlled to the nth degree.

    I am hardly surprised...all of those bureaucrats have to have something to, erm, Bureau. If you don't provide them with same, they'll simply invent their own.

  2. Attacks on small-scale food producers freak me out. For those of us for whom it matters, food safety, food sanitation, food wholesomeness, the food's chain of possession, if you will, all count, and you don't get that with large-scale producers. I'd rather have the small producers, selling on the Internet or to neighborhoods.

  3. As to the origins and bona fides of Mr. March, why am I not surprised...?