Sunday, October 6, 2013

OK, this is just beyond the Pale. . .

It really IS turning into Bizarro World out there. Due to the Shutdown, National Park Service Rangers have evicted an elderly couple from their home.  Meet Joyce and Ralph Spencer.  She's 77, he's 80.  They've owned the home since the 1970s, and were given 24 hours to gather belongings and leave.  They never were evicted in any of the OTHER 17 shutdowns since they built their home there. 

Now, it's QUITE obvious what's going on here: just like the Doomsday Sequester, the Administration has made a conscious decision to inflict maximum pain on the little people.  They've stopped people from pulling over on public roads and LOOKING at Mount Rushmore. . .  I've already mentioned the shenanigans at the World War Two memorial, but they're doing it at the Vietnam Memorial as well.

But the real over-the-top stunt is ordering the Ocean closed.  King Canute ordered the waves to stop, Obama claimed the seas would stop rising under his rule. . .  but now Obama has ordered the OCEAN closed.

Well, since we're closing the Parks and evicting private property owners, I figure what's good for the goose is good for the gander.  You see, the White House is, technically, a National Park (Google cache, since the site was TAKEN down.  An effort that, BTW, COST MONEY. . .)

You see, a crucial part of American Jurisprudence is Equal Treatment Under Law. Remember the Spencers ??  They OWN their house, and were forced out.  The Obama's don't even pay rent on the Residence.  It's only applying existing law that they need to decamp as well.

Of course, we know that won't happen.  Because, after all Some Animals are More Equal than Others. . .

But that may be changing.  The Bikers came to DC yesterday to support the WW2 Vets. The Truckers are coming next weekend. . .

One or two more of these outrages, and I could see another Tahir Square or "People Power" revolution starting. . .  Hell, the way things are going, in another week, it could be crowds around the White House with torches and pitchforks. . 

And, heck, I might join them. . .

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  1. The problem is, no "ordinary" people can afford to live anywhere close to Washington, DC, unless they work for the government, which is self-defeating. I wish someone would organize a few million people to go to DC in buses, and have them walk around on the Mall. There aren't enough jails in a 500 mile radius for two or three million people. Anyone arrested should give the name "John Galt", and the address of the Philadelphia house where the Constitution was created.