Monday, October 7, 2013

Call to Patriots. . . . .time to get out and DO something.

OK, people. . . . I don't know about you, but your Wizard is mad enough to shoot Fireballs out of each and every orifice, at the crap the Administration is pulling.

Going out of their way to close open-air monumentsThrowing people out of homes they've lived in for 40 years.  Closing a road because you MIGHT see Mount Rushmore from it.  Even trying to close the fricking OCEAN.

This has gone too far.  And it's time for We, the People, to make our voice heard.  And as such, I'm asking you to support and come out for two events:  The Trucker's Ride for the Constitution and the Million Vet March on the Memorials.

Remember the  Two Million Biker Ride on 9/11 ??  The one that the Media barely covered, and that DC Traffic Cameras were, mysteriously, not working for ???  Or, as they said "Heavy Internet Traffic, Cameras are down".   RIIIIGHT. . . Well, if at first we don't succeed. . . .

THIS Weekend.    Thursday, October 11th through Saturday, October 13th, 2013,  Starting with the (depending who you're talking to), Truckers To Shut Down America , the Trucker's Ride for the Constitution, or the 1 Million Truckers to DC.  It's all the same.  People who are sick and tired of all the Beltway Insiders playing their silly little power games are going to LISTEN to the roar of a million rigs, bringing traffic around Washington to even MORE of a stand-still than usual.

IF you come to DC this weekend, you NEED to show your colors.  Your rear window should have a visible "T2SDA" in your rear window.  Nothing fancy, but I've taken the liberty of making a printable sign/strips for your rear window, you can download it HERE.  (Color PDF).

(or just save this and print. . . )

Then, Saturday the 13th,  the Million Vet March on the Memorials.

If in DC, be at the World War II Memorial at 9AM.   If you're not in DC, here's a list of local sites where we're also gathering. . 

Ground rules:  PEACEFUL PROTEST.  We leave trashing the town to the Anarchists, Hippies, and other left-wing groups.   

We're better than that. Pick up your trash.  If confronted by counter-protesters, turn the other cheek and walk away. . .

Be there.   I will . . .

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