Sunday, June 2, 2013

Burned by teh Stoopid: we got Trayvoned by the tale of Saint Kate of the Blessed Finger. . . .

A bit under two weeks ago, I mentioned the "Stop the Hate: Free Kate" story of a high-school relationship short circuited by hater parents ??  Well, gang, we fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Turns out, we got Trayvoned. . .

(A warning to our gentle readers: many of our links today are probably NSFW.   Click accordingly. . . )

Kaitlyn Hunt as the narrative would have us see her:

Except, they left a few crucial details out.  Kate started this relationship when she was 18, and her girlfriend was 14.  And as an adult, she was breaking the law and SHE KNEW IT. . . . But, hey, it was young teenage love, and they didn't care, it was all rainbows and unicorns and. . . . their first time.   Those of us out there old enough remember our First Times.  In the backseat of a car.  In a romantic glade.  Or, for those with the means and the fake ID, in a cheap motel room. . .

No, Kate and her lover were nothing like that, their first time was in a sordid bathroom stall in school, where Kate removed the younger girls pants and fingered her.  Classy, Kate, really classy way to introduce someone to the Art of Love. . .(note: as a courtesy to our gentle readers, I've linked the English translation, we Wizards are familiar with Latin, but it's not that common anymore. . .)
We just got a more recent, and realistic photo of Saint Kaitlyn of the Blessed Finger, snapped in the locker room of her former High School:

But it's not just the age difference here, it's the lies being put forward.  For example, that nobody would have prosecuted an 18-year-old BOY for having a relationship (actually, having sex. . .) with a 14-year old girl.  Except that isn't the case. . .   In fact, another mother approached the mother of the younger girl, and told her what was going on.  And the supporters of Saint Kate not only outed the names of the parents, but their address, phone numbers, and even the younger girl's name.  This, friends, is clearly INTIMIDATION, and a clear sign that there's an agenda at play here. . .  This is another parallel with the Trayvon Martin case: intimidate the person who did nothing wrong, to cut off attempts at defense in a court of law. . .

So. . .what is to be done with ADULT Kate ??  She turned down the plea deal, and the evidence makes it an open-and-shut case. . .  but sending a lesbian to a women's prison for 15 years ???   I still like my proposed punishment: Solitary Confinement with an endless loop of Justin Bieber for the term of the sentence. . .

Note: the contributions of The Other McCain and his columns at American Spectator, and that of have been invaluable to writing today's entry.  The links there argue far more persuasively, and with far less snark, than I have.  Go, check them out !  - Sotarr

And now, a few minor WTF ???? items from the news:

The Food and Drug Administration and Department of Homeland Security won't let a convoy of relief supplies and food for the Moore Oklahoma Tornado Victims in from Canada. . . . because, gee, they weren't itemized and inspected.  Yes, we know the Feds are just overflowing with teh Burning Stoopid, and the disaster is waaaaay out in Flyover Country, and that area voted 2:1 for Romney.
Thus, under the doctrine of "support our friends and punish our enemies",  we don't REALLY need to send aid anyway. . .
Lastly, once again the Ear Leader and his minions have continued to Support Our Troops . . .by denying them hot meals in Afghanistan.  Come on, with all the pork spending, we could cut SOMETHING other than hot chow for combat troops. . .
That's all for today, but sure as the sun will rise, teh Burning Stoopid will be back tomorrow. . .


  1. Amazingly, the mother is STILL denying the facts and publicized legal documents (affidavit, etc...) and people believe her! How are people so uneducated and ignorant? Just last night, on the kool-aid drinking "Free Kate" site, someone asked her point-blank about her mentioning the victim's name repeatedly and the age discrepancies. She claims she "never" mentioned the victim's name (say what?)and still denies her daughter was 18 when this happened.

    Of course it has been deleted already, but a classmate of hers mentioned on the "Free Kate" site that Kate is threatening students who don't agree with this mess. Are we surprised? Like daddy, like daughter. When all else fails, threaten people.

    Needless to say, these people are pathological liars, amoral, enabling scum who disgust me.

    1. A label emerged for these sorts of people last November:

      "Low Information Voters"