Saturday, June 22, 2013

Updates: The "My Month with a Gun" story starts to smell,

Well, it seems teh Stoopid is strong with our intrepid gun carrier, Ms.Heidi Yewman of Vancouver, Washington. . . .  it seems her story is falling apart.

Let's do a playback, shall we ???

Getting the permit to carry a concealed weapon was simple. I filled out a form, had my fingerprints taken for a background check and paid $56.50. No training required. It took far longer to get my dog a license.
 Oh really ??  It's NOT that simple and quick.  You are supposed to:

1. Present yourself at a local law enforcement office during specific hours (which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction).

2. You pay a fee of $52.50 NOT the $56.50 she claims.   But I'll give her a pass on that because some local law enforcement agencies DO charge for fingerprinting in Washington State . . .

3. They take your fingerprints and you fill out a form.  Call it 20 minutes.

4. They run your prints and your background check.   Which is NOT instant.   I have a little expertise here, part of my work with the FBI, years ago, involved the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) : I was part of the team that built two of their submission systems, JABS and CAS.  While URGENT JABS requests would typically return results within 30 minutes (or did back when I was working the program, ~10 years ago. . .), a non-urgent civilian check could take days or weeks.  In fact, the Washington CCW FAQ states that the entire background check process can take up to 30 days.

So it was NOT faster than getting a dog license: it was a detailed and prolonged process, most of which occurred outside Ms. Yewman's rather myopic field of view.   I can only assume she subscribes to the "If I didn't see it, it didn't happen" school of thought. . . .

And so, we continue, as she goes shopping and stops by Tony, the friendly merchant of death. . .

The whole thing took 7 minutes. As a gratified consumer, I thought, “Well, that was easy.” Then the terrifying reality hit me, “Holy hell, that was EASY.”  Too easy. I still knew nothing about firearms.
 No, the transaction MIGHT have taken 7 minutes, from being handed the ATF 4473 to the conclusion of the NICS check (as I said in the previous installment).  But here again, she fails to mention a few things.  Like, for instance, that there's a mandatory 5-day waiting period to buy a pistol, UNLESS you already have a Washington Concealed Pistol License. . . .  which as we just discussed, takes up to a month.  So, she's a LEETLE bit short on her reckoning of the time it took. . .

And ANOTHER update: we won't have old Heidi Yewman to kick around anymore:  Ms. Magazine decided they couldn't handle it, at least according to the New York Times on June 21. . .  apparently, although not for the record, Michelle Kort, an editior at Ms. Magazine decided that it was too dangerous, that people were posting Ms. Yewman's address ( and the comments on the blog ?  Absolutely amazing examples of FUD and Hoplophobia, and, of course, tarring any defender of the Second Amendment with absolutely none of the acceptance and tolerance demanded by those self-same lefties. . .).    I will admit that I noted that she lives in the Vancouver, Washington area.  And how do I know this ??  Google, bitches !!

The VERY FIRST result of any Google search on her gives this result:

As noted elsewhere, Ms. Yewman seems to have a habit of trying to create controversies where none actually existed.

My final comment on this brouhaha, in the traditional photomeme. . .

And just one MORE update.  Remember Kaitlyn Hunt ?  The girl who is being prosecuted for her lesbian love affair with an underage girl.

She wants a new judge.  Because the current Judge on the case is straight.
/boggle. . .

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