Friday, April 26, 2013

So what if we don't own the place, we want what we want WAAAAAAAH!!!

We have an early entry today for the Catalog, the Campaign to Save the Book House.

Apparently, there's a not-terribly successful but beloved bookstore that operates out of an old house in the St. Louis area.   And they've rented that house for 30 years.   The owner has decided to not renew the lease, because they have a better use for the land.  And so, at the end of the year, the "Book House" is going to be torn down.

This, of course, has all the Caring and Sensitive people up in arms, because they claim that it's a "Community Resource".    Funny, I look at it as a retail outlet, and since, in 30 years of operation, they haven't earned sufficient money from it to buy the property outright, it's a case of "too bad, so sad. . . "

Then someone I knew vaguely from FB posted about it, and when I noted that it sounded like the store proprietors simply didn't make a decent offer for it, I got lambasted.

So I looked the place up.

Google Plus listing: The Book House

The advocates wax poetic about an architecturally historic and an overall beautiful structure. . .

I see a nondescript old house of no particular distinction, a bit run down, filled to the rafters with books, on what appear to be either home-made or salvaged bookshelf units.  

I also note the key points of the first reviewer on Google Plus:

There may even be a cat inside, but watch your head in the attic portion, this building is old & doesn't meet ADA/code, so use the restrooms gently. The staff seems knowledgeable. Here's my thoughts from a book lover's perspective - 1. They do not buy or trade books. 2. Prices are non-negotiable, this includes books without dustjackets, foxing pages inside, moldy scents, etc. The current books I had interest in, were too expensive for me to purchase, but maybe you'll find a good bargain there.

Gee, guess they aren't selling a lot of those books.  And it's hard to get around in, and not ADA compliant.   No wonder they can't get the money up to buy the place.  Well, that and a portion of their profits apparently go to several causes in their community.  Which is all well and fine. . . but doesn't exempt them from economics.   They RENT the building.  The Owner wants to use the land for something else, and they've had a year's notice.  An intelligent retailer would be prepping for a move, etc.  Instead, these people whine.  And THAT is what has entered them in the Catalog today.

But I looked further: they have a Facebook page as well. . .

And what do I find there ???  Offers to get this nondescript building, in a commercially-zoned area (it's all strip malls and small offices. . .) into a Historic Register, prohibiting the owner from realizing their investment in the property.

And a Greenpeace guy offering to bring lawyers in. . .

This is what truly infuriates me: people demanding someone ELSE give up something so THEY can get what they want, or keep something they like.  Are these volunteers raising money to BUY the place ?  Not that I've seen, but that doesn't matter. . .  they want you to call City Hall, and whine at the developer. . .

Ah yes, the tyranny and soft fascism of the Caring. . . . because their feelings OBVIOUSLY must over-ride the interests of the people who actually OWN and have been paying the property taxes on it for years. . .

Yet another entry in the endless Catalog of Teh Burning Stoopid. . .


Oh, and today's runner-up:

College’s husky dog logo promotes rape, says student

To wit:
Teh Stoopid, it BURNS !!!


  1. I used to work at a charity bookstore that had much the same proleg, we just weren't taking in enough money to pay our way. If everyone who bitched had given us £50, it would have been more than enough.

    1. Exactly. There doesn't seem to be any effort to raise money to buy the place, but plenty of places to complain to, , ,